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Tire Balance Beads

Tire Balancing Beads at the BEST price shipped fast.

Tire Balance Beads that last the life of the tire and backed up in many reviews.

We have been in many tire balance bead reviews with many happy customers.

Many companies sell tire balancing  bead products. There are many different kinds of media to go inside of tires to help keep them balanced. Some companies sell Steel and Lead, some others Glass and Plastic, yet other companies cell Ceramic or ZR compound tire balancing beads. Although lead and steel will hold up to the punishment inside of the tires they will damage rims,  have no doubt about that. Tire balancing with glass or plastic is possible but glass will break into a dust before the tire wears out and plastic can stick to the inside of the tire and balancing will cease, if any moisture gets inside due to condensation.

In our opinion the white Zr compound tire balancing beads we sell, are the best tire balancing product available. Our balancing beads will not damage rims, break apart and turn to dust,  our beads will not be affected by a little moisture in the tire and will last the life of the tire.  Checkered Flag Tire balancing beads are very affordable and easy to use. Our product will take the place of the normal tire balancing weights and get the job completed from the inside, without unsightly lead weights.

We have been selling this product for over 12 years and are available Monday through Friday for customer service. We stand behind our tire balancing beads with a return policy and great customer service. Checkered Flag Tires started as a tire business in Flagstaff Arizona over 12 years ago.  We quickly moved into the tire balancing as we realized that internal tire balancing was a very good alternative to lead tire balancing weights.

We researched many tire balancing bead reviews that we could.  We quickly realized that there were products out there that we did not want to sell to our customers. This is why we did not push anything but the Zr compound tire balance bead we sell today. In over a decade, we have had great success and helping folks balance their big four wheel drive mud tires, pick-up truck tires, motorhome and trailer tires also.

Many of the large four wheel drive tires are too big to put on spin balancers, as well as  the motorhome tires. That is where our tire balance beads make your life so much better with a smooth ride. Let’s not forget about all of our trailers out there, because balanced trailer tires last much longer.

There are tires that these will not work very well with. Small car tires, low profile type tires and any tires on Race vehicles or high performance type cars. I wish tire balance beads would work on low profile tires but the truth of the matter is they will not, so please don’t waste your time. I would rather not take your money and keep you happy than the other way around.

As far as tire balancing beads in high-performance cars or race cars, the fact is they have the capability of launching faster than the beads have a chance to move.  They will get stuck in the wrong place due to centrifugal force.  I have been asked many many times about Circle Track or oval track type vehicles and the answer is no.

Tire balance beads will not work in those situations because the centrifugal force will pull the beads to the outside of the tire as you go around and will stick to one side of the tire. With all the balancing beads stuck to one side of four tires you end up with a huge Dynamic imbalance and major problems on the race track. In normal everyday type Vehicles such as our trucks, four wheel drives, motorhomes and trailers this is not a problem and the tire balance beads will work perfectly.

I am also asked many many times about left to right steering wheel wobble. Tire balance beads will not fix this problem. This problem can be caused by many different issues and is sometimes very difficult to figure out. Left to right steering wheel wobble can be caused by unusually worn front tires, worn steering components, worn ball joints, worn hubs tire alignment and more. Our tire beads work very well to counteract a heavy spot and remove tire vibration from unbalanced tires. Our tire beads will never fix steering wheel wobble, nor will anybody else’s internal tire balancing beads.

I have a lot of phone calls from owners of dually pickup trucks and yes our tire beads will work great in dually pickup truck tires. As most of you know who own dually trucks, they can be very difficult to balance sometimes. Our tire balance beads in all six tires on the truck, will work very well. Please be sure to check our tire balance charts for the correct amount before installation.

There is an issue we run into on all types of pickup trucks with tire balancing beads. If the tire pressure in the rear tires is too high while empty,  it can cause a bounce. The very easy fix is simply reduce the air pressure in the rear tires to about 50 to 55 PSI on single type trucks or 40 to 45 PSI on Duallys (NEVER exceed max recomended PSI). Yes this means you will have to air back up when you haul a heavy load.

Tire balancing beads are a great way to balance your tires.  Just remember, there are little things like air pressure that you will have to learn to deal with if you want to use Tire beads instead of lead tire balancing weights.  I have been using this product in two of my trucks and three of my own trailers for over a decade and without fail they work great.

Monday through Friday we are available for all questions so please do not hesitate to email or call Checkered Flag Tire Beads.

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