Checkered Flag Liquid Tire Balance installs through the stem in minutes.

No removing the tire, No Jack, No tools, No fuss . It is easy as 1-2-3. 1. Let the air out 2. Install the Liquid Tire Balance 3. Air back up.

See suggested amounts below BEFORE ordering. Not intended for LOW PROFILE type tires.

  • Most 24.5 rim commercial tires    take 26oz – of Liquid
  • Most 22.5 rim commercial tires    take 24oz
  • Most 19.5 rim commercial tires    take 20oz
  • 40-44 inch dia. truck, SUV type tires  take 24oz
  • 36-39 inch dia. truck, SUV type tires  take 20oz
  • 29-35 inch dia. truck, SUV type tires  take 16oz
  • 25-28 inch dia. truck, SUV type tires  take 14oz
  • Trailer tires on 15-16 inch rims   take 10oz
  • Trailer tires on 13-14 inch rims   take 8oz
  • It takes more liquid than beads because the liquid coats the inside of the tire

READ ALL Liquid info below BEFORE purchasing.

NEVER DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: 1 – Never put water in your tires as it WILL ruin your rims in a VERY short time. It will also freeze. 2 – Never put ANYTHING that contains alcohol in your tires as the alcohol will vaporize as the tire warms up and increase tire pressure. This creates a BLOW-OUT hazard. The alcohol is also flammable in vapor form. 3 – Never put ANY liquid in your tires that does not have Anti Corrosion and Anti-Rust inhibitors in it as without these it WILL ruin your rims quickly. 4 – Never put anything that is toxic to humans & animals in your tires. OUR PRODUCT IS NOT WATER – CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL – DOES HAVE RUST & CORROSION INHIBITORS – IS NOT TOXIC & 100% ECO FRIENDLY.

Are they safe for TPMS? – As far as installing through the side of the tire with TPMS we have seen no damage.
We do not suggest you try and install through TPMS units because we are not sure of the long term result. If you wish to install through the TPMS unit please do so at your own risk. This product is sold for installation through NON-TPMS stems.

Can I return Liquid Tire Balance? ONLY UN-USED/ UN-OPENED bags can be returned. Please see our Return Policy Page.

Will it leak through a puncture? Yes….it is liquid. ANY repair (other than just a plug) will require you to replace the liquid.

How long does tire balancing liquid last? – It will last the life of your tire tread.

Does balancing liquid cause damage? – Our product contains rust & corrosion inhibitors to work without causing damage to the tire or rim.

Will this product improve my fuel mileage and tread wear? = It is a proven fact that balanced tires improve fuel mileage and allow for longer tread life. This will balance your wheels every time you leave a stop sign or stop light.

What type of vehicles will the Liquid work with? Balancing for Cars? For Semi Tires? – Our product will balance Semi Trucks, Motorhomes, Trailers, Full size SUV’s, Pickup Trucks and more but please ask us for your application before buying. This is really not meant for small cars, low profile tires, sports cars, hot rods and race cars.

Commercial Type Tires

If you own or operate an Over The Road OTR truck and trailer then you can most certainly benefit from our liquid. An Internal Tire Balance increases miles on the tread and decrease wear on your nerves with a smooth ride.

Our media will not damage tire linings and wheels like powder and steel can do.

For semi-trucks and big rigs, internal balance is not only for steer tires but the drives as well. Buy now for all the tires for the best possible balance. Pour in our product and you forget about it.

Longer Steer tire mileage: Some long haul Fleet operators have a method that results in much longer tire mileage, and could also apply to dually owners as well. Our Fleet sources claim an average additional 30,000 miles on a set of Steers. Procedure: You swap tires, not the rims, so both front steers must be marked and remounted. With chalk, mark the outside of the right front steer tire: Left Inside With chalk, mark the outside of the left front steer tire: Right inside Dismount both tires from both wheels. Mount the tire marked Left Inside on the Left wheel so the marking is on the inside as labeled. Mount on left side. Mount the tire marked Right Inside on the Right wheel so the marking is on the inside as labeled. Mount on right side.

For 35 or 37 inch Tires or any Large Off Road Aggressive Type

For our customers with large aggressive off road tires we can offer the peace of mind of a long term balance and not worrying about throwing a stack of weights stuck inside your wheels.

No matter the brand or size, whether in the mud or snow, with Checkered Flag you will have a smooth flowing ride as the balance Liquid continues to re-position itself for every situation. The added bonus is longer tread life on your very big expensive tires; just install our product for the balance you always needed on your big Wheels.

It also work great in all Types of Trailers

If you want to make your trailer tires last as long as possible you need to have them balanced. The liquid works great and last the life of the tread.

Simply put, Tire Balancing Beads are simple to use

Using our product place’s less stress on suspension, drivers nerves, can increase fuel mileage and increase tread wear. Unlike lead weights, which are becoming illegal due to environmental problems, Our product is completely Green and they are re-usable. On a motorcycle, truck, motorhome, trailer and more these are the best way of balancing a tire for the life of the tread. Balancing beads are quickly becoming the most popular means of balancing around the world. See our Question and Answer page.

tire balance beads
tire balance beads

Checkered Flag Liquid Tire Balancing

We are proud of our product and feel it is the best. This is the topic of conversation and each day more folks are telling how happy they are with it. Internal balancing started in the 70’s with truckers using metal balls. Soon it was discovered that the metal would rust and damage tires along with the rims. Internal Tire Balancing went through several different media over the last 40 years but none are a well suited for the job as the type of beads we sell today. Our Liquid will not cause damage like the sand, powder and metal balls do.

After more than a decade in the Tire Balance Bead business, we have worked diligently to improve our product and services. We understand you have many options to choose from when it comes to buying balancing products for your tires. There are many price ranges to choose from, along with many types of materials the beads are made of. We whole heatedly believe, we offer our customers one of the absolute BEST materials for tire balance beads possible.

When it comes to choosing your materials that will go inside your tires you need to consider some issues. Lead and steal tire beads will damage your rims. Semi Truck drivers found this out back in the 1070’s. Materials made of sand, powder and very small plastic beads will work great until you get a bit of condensate moisture in the tire. With a layer of moisture these materials will stick to the inside of the tire and not work anymore. You will then be required to open up the tire and remove these products to fix the issue.

There are Glass beads out there and I really don’t think I need to go into WHY, you should not put glass into tires so I will leave it there. I will say this, if the material the tire beads are made of, is NOT stated PLEASE ASK! Our Tire Balancing Liquid WILL NOT hurt your rims and tires.

When it comes to pricing, we offer the BEST PRICE on this type of tire balancing product and stand behind it. PLEASE call or email us to ask ANY questions.

FREE shipping available.

For all questions about tire balance beads please call us at 928-255-5540.